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What makes guys happy ?

(in a relationship, on a date, during sex, etc...)

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  • in a relationship : someone who cares not just about there needs but us too, who will assure us in actions not words that we are the one for them and no one else.on a date : turn you'r phone off espc if it was the first date with no exs in the convo.during sex : enjoying it just like we do, no fake orga tho. try to please us and don't just lay in the bed expecting us to do everything.

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  • a girl that really really loves me who can look me in the eyyes all day sweet beautifulnice and caring what about you pinkk what kind of guys you like

    • I like a guy that is:- affectionate (lots of hugging, kissing & a lot of making out lol)- nice- good manners/ polite- thoughtful- caring- generous- extrememly good-looking- funny,- etc.....

    • Hmm ___ All in one. :-)

  • you make me happy everything about you xD

    • Lol how do I make you happy? do you know me?

    • That's kind of terrifying... I sure hope you know each other.

    • Lol we don't :P

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