What makes guys happy ?

(in a relationship, on a date, during sex, etc...)


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  • in a relationship : someone who cares not just about there needs but us too, who will assure us in actions not words that we are the one for them and no one else.

    on a date : turn you'r phone off espc if it was the first date with no exs in the convo.

    during sex : enjoying it just like we do, no fake orga tho. try to please us and don't just lay in the bed expecting us to do everything.

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  • a girl that really really loves me who can look me in the eyyes all day




    and caring

    what about you pinkk what kind of guys you like

    • Hmm ___ All in one. :-)

    • I like a guy that is:

      - affectionate (lots of hugging, kissing & a lot of making out lol)

      - nice

      - good manners/ polite

      - thoughtful

      - caring

      - generous

      - extrememly good-looking

      - funny,

      - etc.....

  • you make me happy

    everything about you xD

    • Lol we don't :P

    • That's kind of terrifying... I sure hope you know each other.

    • Lol how do I make you happy? do you know me?

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