What about the guy that has never been married and is in his 50's?

Here's an odd one...What about a guy that is in his 50's, never been married, is NOT gay, no kids, etc. Just likes to be alone with a couple of families that he is attached to. I find him very attractive, but he can be very moody and I don't know how to approach him. OR would should I back off him based on what his coworkers have told me.


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  • Well it depends on what his coworkers have said about him? People talk some times there is no truth behind it and at other time there is!

    If he is 50 and never married there could well be a good reason for it. You really need to find out more about him. He probably doesn't like to be alone but may have spent a lot of his life alone so that is what he has become used to. He may be moody with you because he is not sure of you, he seems like a very private person?

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      His friends say that he is just a very lonely old guy that has never been married and that is how they have always known him. He does sound very private, but then so am I.