Silent treatment

How do you deal with a woman who gives you the silent treatment and doesn't tell you why? Says she loves you one day, then leaves and ignores you the next? wtf? How do I turn the table? HELP!


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  • haha then do the same to her, A girl like that is called "Stubborn". She will EXPECT you to "figure it out". Which is So not fair. It really depends on how much you like her. If you really really cannot stand the fact she's not talking to you, man up and ASK her why she is not talking to you.

    And if she keeps playing games you need to more on so she can figure her stuck up self out.

    If you really wanna get her back id try giving her a taste of her own mediii! haha Do the same, act like you don't care and let you two not talk, it will KILL her, believe me. :)

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      Ok. Let me get this straight. So.. don't talk to her at all? Should I wipe her out of my social networking as well? And, do you REALLY think it will itch at her, even if she basically states she doesn't care?

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      Thank you. We've been going back and forth like this for six months. Ugh it's exausting. I figured if we stopped talking, she wouldn't care at all. I'm gonna wait a bit, and send her an email saying just that.

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      You're letting her win, that's why she keeps doing this to you. She thinks you'll always come back to her, I don't mean to say this but the way she treats you is really your fault, its like training a dog. If you play around with it, it will bite, so its your fault for teaching it to bite, its like that. Hope that helped.