Is there ever a time when it is acceptable for a man to call a woman a "bitch"?

Whether he calls her one to her face or calls her one while talking to somebody else should not affect your answer. If your answer is no, state why its not acceptable. If your answer is yes, give an example\ situation and explain why it is warranted\acceptable.

Most Helpful Guy

  • When she pulls a lethal weapon on you.

    • The hell does "pull a lethal weapon on you" mean?!! You mean actually pullin out a weapon or you speakin about some movie mess? & Why the hell you got your profile picture lookin like Prince's little brother!!?!! ......Im gettin to old for this s**t

    • It means exactly as I stated.

      Slow down on the Methamphetamine, mate.

    • Just havin fun, ........laugh a little player. it wasn't meant as disrespect, just havin jokes