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Why does he want to make me jealous?

I am have been friends with this guy for the last 2 years (we met at work). He texts me a lot (every morning), and he always talks to me on the phone... Show More

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  • Are these girlfriends he's showing you pictures of? Or, as I suspect, friends who are girls? I have no idea why he'd pull that kind of shit, unless he's just straight up not interested in what you've got between your legs. I would say you should look for someone else who is.

    • Yeah, friends who are girls. I am totally confused...and then he is always texting me...calling me...I know he only texts me cause I saw his list in my phone. I am so jealous...but, I do not show it cause I think that is juvenile and silly.

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    • The qualities of "being someone I'm unable to live without" and "being my best friend."

    • Thanks. Maybe he will come to his senses....UGH

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