Why does he want to make me jealous?

I am have been friends with this guy for the last 2 years (we met at work). He texts me a lot (every morning), and he always talks to me on the phone (gives me his true opinions) -- I have always been there for him through ups and downs. We have a lot deep conversations. I don't know. But, he always calls me to come out. And when I get there he pays a lot of attention to other girls. Even though he called me to come there and hang out. He gets a lot of attention from girls because he is really nice, outgoing, funny, and has a great heart. I don't understand why he keeps bringing up other girls, posting pics of himself with other girls. Does he think this is a good way to get my attention? Do guys try to make the girl they like jealous? I always act normal, and in fact are always friendly to the other girls who are around me. Generally, it's not my nature to feel 'up-staged' or threatened by other girls. I consider myself who gets along with various types of people. I have a lot of confidence in myself. But, even still, I don't why he does this. Flaunts girls in front of my face. And then tells me he can't live without me, and I have to come out and be where he is. What the hell is that about? SUGGESTIONS?


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  • Are these girlfriends he's showing you pictures of? Or, as I suspect, friends who are girls? I have no idea why he'd pull that kind of shit, unless he's just straight up not interested in what you've got between your legs. I would say you should look for someone else who is.

    • Thanks. Maybe he will come to his senses....UGH

    • The qualities of "being someone I'm unable to live without" and "being my best friend."

    • What qualities are talking about? - I am not sure if I understood your response clearly. BTW he is leaving for London in a couple of months, and I am throwing him a little party. I don't think I want to do that anymore....

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