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How do I make him want me?

So I have a really good guy friend. but I want to be much more than friends. we flirt but I'm not really super confident or anything so usually its... Show More

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  • Your best bet is to be blunt if you want the truth, or you could spend weeks or months being subtle and never really finding out. Most girls are naturally shy, but most don't know that guys are incredibly dense creatures. We won't know what your thinking or planning unless you tell it straight. Same thing goes for our emotions. If you want them, your gonna have to pounce. Build up the courage and ask him directly how he feels about you, or if you really want to give him a thrill... kiss him spontaneously.

What Guys Said 3

  • You're not 16 anymore.

    It COULD be that is afraid of hurting your relationship, losing your friendship if he tries to get closer.


    Become more physical with him, show a bit of skin, playing and joking at first.


    tell him in your way you're a sexual being too: talk about sexuality, about your body and physical feelings


    Let him know that you'll fix the limits, but that if he tries to exceed them he will get a clear signal from you that will NOT be the end of your friendship.

    Good luck!

  • what you should do is just tell him how you truly feel about him let him know what you like him and that you won't to be more than just friends what you should do is grab him by the hands and slowly go for kiss and see what goes on from there

What Girls Said 2

  • you need to check out this book...Men Made Easy...read a few pages and it'll all make sense!

  • You can't really MAKE some one DO anything. There are things you can do to make your feelings apparent, but his feelings for you grow in himself, not because of anything you do. You set yourself up for a lot of failure and heartache thinking you can make some one want/need/love/desire you, because if and/or when you are not successful, you will be sitting there, blaming yourself, wondering what you did wrong - when in reality, none of it was your doing in the first place.

    Just be you, let him know how you feel (start subtle if you don't feel comfortable just coming out with your feelings). If nothing comes of it, then you will just have to accept that and enjoy a wonderful friendship with him. If he doesn't want to be your friend after you've confessed your feelings for him, then it wasn't a worthwhile friendship in the first place.

    Just remember - you only have control over yourself. Take charge. Destiny is yours!

    Good luck!

    • Edit: *his feelings for you grow in himself, not because of anything you do, but because HE has allowed those feelings to grow in his heart.

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