Good topics to talk about with teenage girls?

This is for all teenage girls in general! I need to know how to make good conversations with girls my age (16) maybe even 15. I start to overwhelm my self and think to much about what they are going to say. I always think it will be bad. I know about talking to girls as far as I can throw the can tower.!


Most Helpful Girl

  • Ok I am 15 so maybe I can help. If you know the girl and know some of her interests talk about them. Or if you don't know anything about her except her name comment on it and say wow, __is such a beautiful name. If you stop there she is just going to say thanks and then it will be awkward, so take it further. Say my parents named me ____after my grandfather or something like that. She will probably be bored by this so you can change the subject to something ya'll can talk about longer. Or more simply just talk about school. For example do you have mr/mrs____. And its especially good if you w have a class together. But the best thing is to talk about HER interests, not about YOU, and definitely not anything sexual. But if you don't know her already then talk about school or a compliment or something like that. That's at least what I would want to hear. =D