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Why do guys play with girls' feelings a lot?

Well, it had been a year and I vie known this guy, and we always had a thing between us which makes all his friends and my friends think that we date... Show More

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  • Guys love to play with girls feelings...lol...;)when you talked with him for the first time about the situation he got scared and didn't know what he should say...so he just said 'ok'..i accept what ever you say...but that is what he meant.I think he likes u...if you like him go talk to him(do not advice him...guys hate advice!)...tell him you like him!if not just try ignoring him and just be a friend of him...:)so all the best...mail me if you want any more help.Hope this helps.-----------------------------DEATH.

    • Thaanx...:) well I m gna see him this weekend I hope everthing goes well... and if nothing happens I ll let you knw :p

    • Ok...all the best!!------DEATH.

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  • I am going through that same exact situation... geez

    • U see how it really sucks.... :s

  • He is just not sure about his own feelings towards you...

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