Is my boyfriend playing mind games?

my boyfriend of 3yrs split up with me over a week ago,said he still loved me etc but needed a break but cause I didn't want to have a break he split up-said it was for the best we both was so upset an couldn't eat for days an stuff I begged but didn't work obviously I realized how stupid I was to beg. so I cut contact and now ain't spoke to him for just over a week I'm doing well! no texts off him either though. he used to have Facebook but deleted it cause he hated it and didn't know how to use it. so I was just waitin for the day he got it back after we split up. week later he gets it back an changes his relationship status to single :( so both of ours are now "single". few days later he comes on an hides the relationship status so no one can see it. I went to do the same but thought no why should i, I'm single so why hide it- he probs wants me to do the same so I kept it up. anyway the next day he comes on an then bit later I noticed he'd put it back up single again so everyone can see!so I hid mine then he hid his again! ARH! what's he playing at? don't know whether he's got Facebook to discreetly check up on me too haha cause he now I'm always on it anyway...please help?


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  • *grins* I think your playing the mind games. Most guys just don't think like you describe. We don't go about changing our FB profile to mess with our ex's. Even ones where on a break with.

    He's probably just not sure what status he should be posting. He's probably, like he said, honestly not sure and needs a break but is unsure wether to post a single status (after all, he doesn't know he wants to move on but knows he wants to meet other women).

    He's young and I would guess your his first or only serious relationship and he's reaching the cold feet stage of the relationship.

    If your into him in a big way... just set your status to something other than single and wait him out. If your getting over him, just live your life and move on.

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      Yeh I don't want to move on at the min ill do anythin to get him back an if it means no contact at all then that's what I'm doing! id rather wait a month not speakin to him an get back together after havin our space an realisin what we both want,than rush into it...not sort out problems out an break up for good. I don't think I should change my status again haha we're confusin each other ha!

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      Sounds great. It gives everything the chance to work out, and if it doesn't you know it was not because it didn't have the chance ^_^. :)

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      So an update on me and my boyfriend...we didn't speak that much really when we have done he's interigated me about have I met other people etc. he's noticed I go out loads more now an is gettin a bit jealous an stuff! can't have me on Facebook cause it upsets him too much! so he's now added an deleted me twice! anyway this weeks he's told me thers a future with us 2,but wish he cud fast forward time to 5 years an be with me properly then,he says he won't get with anyone else.....