How do I know if my guy mate is falling for me...when I'm falling for him...?

The story goes something like this.

My mate and I met each other a year ago. We had the same friends, so we started to hang out. Only when all of our other friends went away did we get the chance to get to know each other better. We chatted every day, and on msn as well. We had deep conversations about life, death, love, compassion, our likes and dislikes, and we found out that almost EVERYTHING matches! We are completely the same. Needless to say we where both shocked. But also very oddly pleased and fulfilled. He asked me out a lot of times since then, and I asked him as well. We went out very often and he would always take care of me, he would protect me and shelter me. He never let me out of his sight. We would text each other in the middle of the night just to remind ourselves of what kind of a day we had, we still do. The thing is. Both of us are extremely shy! I just can't make a move and neither can he! He had a plan of which I knew since he told me. That we are to get drunk and then we'd have no inhibitions. But that didn't work since we were stopped in the progress. X(

" -The signs are: He touches me and pats me on the back, but never hugs me. He stares at me quite often, and smiles at me with such a wide smile that I can't help but laugh too! He compliments me when ever he can. For the smallest things! He just opens up to me and to no one else (he told me this and I do the same). His eyes have a different glow (i know it's weird to say this, but they do) when he's looking at me. His best guy friends seems to know all about me, and his guy friend is always talking to me and smiling. It's funny! ;) - "

We still do a lot of those things, but now that our friends are back we feel even more restricted. And I'm confused. I don't know if he really likes me or not since we never actually said the words! :(


Most Helpful Guy

  • Obviously he does. He wants to get drunk with you because from his paste experiences he's see this works for him. He doesn't have to hold back, he can do what he wants - provided you want it too. You should go for it and just be together. Life is short as it is.