We hit it off, now he's avoiding me.. any ideas why?

So this guy I like who I have known for about a month, we were hitting it off pretty well talking and flirting and he would always stare at me and smile and compliment me even though he's extremely shy. Even when I was talking to my best guy friend a lot he would continue to stare at me. We were... Show More

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  • its obvious that he thinks there's something between your best guy friend and you. you need to tell your crush if there is or isnt. he's confused and thinks you either don't like him or are two timing. clear this up quick otherwise you might lose him.

    • Thanks. I told him and everything's worked out. I messaged him clearing everything up and he said he was sorry if he seemed rude that night he was tired and he had a lot of his mind. But he will never message me on Facebook or strike a conversation. I'm always the one who has to say anything. So I don't know...