When is it considered "dating"?

in about a months time span, he has taken me out to lunch twice and paid, we've hung out multiple times although it is usually only at night and at... Show More

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  • haha the "college dilemma" When I first got to college it was so strange. Most people spend every minute on campus so what constituted a date in high school almost never happened. it was always "want to come hang out." I think the biggest problem all of it causes is this comfort zone you get it. Its like in a lot of my classes I sit by all the same people and sometimes you never introduce yourself you just start talking. 3 months down the road you are practically friends yet you still don't know their name but its just awkward at that point to ask what it is.

    Getting involved with a guy/girl like many do in college has the same effect. You talk everyday, hang out when you have time, do pretty much everything a couple would do. But because no one ever had to say do you want to go to the movies... or never had to ask for a second date. It just like no one wants to be the one to bring up the awkward conversation of what are we.

    He is definitely interested... he is probably just as confused as you... and no one can answer the question of what you all are than you and him. If you feel comfortable enough around him I would just be blunt and say I like you and we seem to get along well when we hang out, I'm just wondering what we are. (and as long as you truly don't.) I would tell him that you aren't pressuring him into being anything you just want some clarification