Why are girls so complicated?! Can't they just give you a yah or nay?

Why are girls so complicated?! Can't they just give you a yah or nay? If a girl likes a guy, why can't they just say so?! It doesn't always has to be the guy that has to make the first move does it? I mean if the girl likes the guy, just tell them! I believe the guy will be definitely flattered! Don't give signals and stuff cause us guys are pretty slow when it comes to signals. Like what does it mean when one of your friends say in something like "OHH Jenny likes Brad! " And then Jenny quickly shies away to do something else looking like she's is into Brad but too embarrassed?! I dunno, but why can't girls just be more open if they like some guy?! For example what does it mean if a girl "shies" away from you? Or if a girl just comes up to you and talks randomly? Or if they look at you as you leave the room. Girls are sooo complicated! Any opinions out there?


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    Okay Mr. Anonymous.

    Check it.

    Hot chick comes up to you, and says, "Hey you're cute, want a drink?" You and her drink all night. She says she wants a boyfriend. You're like, yah I'm lonely too, lets hook up. -The end.

    -------------- ----------------- ---------------------

    You notice Hot chick standing by a table. She notices you. YOur eyes meet. You smile. She blushes, and looks away. Your eyes meet a couple of other times that night. You start wondering what she's thinking. Is it about you? You can't focus on your friends because you keep thinking about her, and what to say. Will she like you? DOes she have a boyfriend? You look around to see who she's here with. What is she drinking? What does she like? You can't take your eyes off her. Her eyes are so hypnotic, and her smile is beautiful. YOu see her laughing, and you wonder, what could she be laughing about? What would make her laugh? What would make her smile? What would make her happy? What is she into? What does she do?

    Your mind is working all night, around this girl. You want to know more about her.

    You finally get the courage to go up and talk to her. You're nervous. What if she doesn't like you? What if she's a snob? What if she's a bitch? YOu stop. Maybe its not worth it. You hang around again, and play cool. She looks your way again, and you think, maybe it won't be so bad? She notices you, noticing her. She gets all shy, and looks away. Your mind is going crazy, you don't know what to do ~~

    "Hi, I'm Trent", she smiles shyly, "Im Jasmine". You're stunned by her beauty, and the fact that she didn't ignore you. You almost missed her name. You offer her a drink, she gladly accepts. You're suddenly worried of saying something stupid. Or forgetting her name. YOu don't want to offend her. YOu don't want to bore her. You want to impress her ~~

    You go home alone. And as you lay in bed, you go through the events of the night in your head, and smile. Then you reach over and see her number. When should I call her? What should I say? When would be a good time to call her? When would be too soon? TOo late? Would she want to see me again? What does it mean when a girl gives a guy her number? Was she just being nice? Is she really interested? Is she thinking about me right now? --To be continued.

    Its the mystery that keeps men thinking --- about us :)

    And the work and effort you put into it just makes everything so much better. It puts more value into every little thing. Don't you think?

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      As a guy, all those mysteries are a total turn off. If I wanted a mysterious hassle and wanted to put my ego on the line in exchange for possible rejection and possibly death, I'd have a quaint discussion with an armed drug dealer about politics in a dark alley.

      Seriously, not all guys are looking for a one a night stand. While it's nice to be a considerate and kind gentleman to a lady, ensuring that we worry about such petty things is about as useful as a burnt out light bulb.

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      Its cool lost angel but only to a point. you tell a guy you like him or show interest in a sweet way and its a turn on. play hard to get for to long and a guy will think you don't like him