What do you do when a guy all of the sudden stops talking to you.

OK so I was talking to this guy for the past two months now and he got me to the point where I felt comfortable opening up to him. Well, these past couple of weeks he would act as if he was interested I me and then the next day he would brush me off. I'm gonna be honest. I sent him an email telling him how I felt. A(was I stupid for doing that? B) What does this all mean?


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  • He brushed you off probably because he was giving you all the attention and not receiving any in return


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  • When a guy stops talking to you, leave him the f*** alone.. you never know what hardships people go through, so its best to step back and not look for an explanation for everything.. I think sending him that email was too sudden.. if you want to talk to him, you should have called and asked to meet up and hang out or something.. if he doesn't reply, there is a reason he is in his own world.. and its not for anyone to know.. and its not for anyone to go digging in to.

  • just move on he's either lost interest or just doesn't want to hurt you by telling you the truth if there is any behind his reason for doing this

  • Just move on. He doesn't know what he wants, He's playing games with you =]

  • Forget about the guy and move on. He's not interested, most guys find it easy to stop talking to you vice telling you straight out that they're no longer interested in you


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  • I really hate when this happens and I will tell you that it's aggravating. There are a couple of reasons that it might happen based on my experience. He might feel things going to another level whether emotionally, psychologically etc. and he is scared a little bit and is pulling back. This could be due to commitment issues or having been hurt in the past. The other piece is that besides you, there might be someone else he is speaking to or seeing. If he is playing the field, then he might have found compatibility with someone else. Finally, he might have lost interest.

    While I understand your frustration with him and his demeanor, personally I don't think the email was the best idea. Guys can be turned off by something like this depending on what and how the email was worded. Also, it might make him even "cooler" towards you.

  • I think the best thing to do is not give this a guy a second thought, and move on! This kind of behavior is an introduction to a lousy, meaningless relationship with a selfish, inconsiderate guy. Save yourself further heartache and disappointment, and delete his number...make him apart of your imagination ASAP!

  • I have to say, he lost interest. I kinda had vice verse situation, when I pursued a guy and after like 6 month he kinda just started to open up a bit, but by that time I was so convinced he doesn't like, even more I had a feeling he hated me. That's what I thought cause he wasn't willing to open up to me and sometimes almost like run off...

    I think your guy has also lost hopes and maybe meet another girl... He could still have a slight attraction, but not interested in going further or making friendship anymore.

    You can be cautions, but always give a guy at least a bit hint...