She still has feelings for her ex.

According to my girlfriends friend, my girlfriend still have feelings for her ex. She broke up with her ex 9 months ago and their would have been 3 year day just passed. When I talk with my girlfriend about it she says there are lot of issues that has to be resolved with her previous relationship. I was told by the friend that her ex sent her a message saying that he still loves her. He was an idiot towards her and treated her like sh*t, so I find it strange that she can still have feelings for him.I have been giving her a lot of attention, but lately she has been sad due to the above mentioned problem. She says that she likes me and wants to be with me, but it is just very painful standing on the sideline and I don't want to be a crying pillow. I know that all signs point to "leave her", but I also don't want to leave her, as I fear she might go back into the claws of her ex. What do you suggest I do? Can I tell he are to cut all ties with her ex? How do I tell her to make up her mind or else I am out of here in a nice way?


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  • Unfortunately, you're in a lose-lose situation. You'll probably never get to date the girl; you're always going to be dating her broken heart. If her boyfriend can still pull her strings, she'll probably never develop feelings for you. Broken hearts are pretty much always a lost cause. Good luck.

    • You could not be more right. Fuck it...

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  • i was once that girl, and I told the new guy I liked him and I wantes to be with him, but also had feeling for me ex... sometimes we think we have feeling for the ex, and we just might but that does not mean we can't like someone else, maybe she never had closure and that's what she needs, you need to show her that ur better than him, you need to show her that she can love again. because till today I wish the new guy had stayed with me.. but he left... and that's how ur girlfriend will feel if you leave her in a time like this. if she says she wants to be with you then trust her and trust me she wanta to be with, believe it it or not I told the new guy the exact same words and I truly meant them. well that's what I think, maybe I could be wrong?

    • Did you pick up? have you spoke to her? ask what she wants?,and dnt be too nice, dnt be too mean either, just let her knw ur dne with the games, let her know what you want her to do, let her knw what kind of woman you need in ur life, tell her she's gotta choose, and her lies or whatever have a way of comming out, she met her ex, maybe she didn't feel that connection with him anymore after being with u, it happeneds. So pick up next time. have a serious conversation with her, ask her all that's on ur mind

    • I also cut the contact with her, but she keeps calling in the middle of the night.

    • Hmm, ok best thing for you to do now is just give it some time. Maybe you find out that you dnt need her, everything happeneds for a reason, Maybe there's someout there for u. Or maybe you can just give her time and let her come to u. the more you try to contact her the more you look desperate and she will think you will always be there no matter what, no matter how she treats u. You dnt want that do u? show her ur better than that. and you dnt need someone less. that will show her ur more of the man than her ex

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