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If a girl texts you first or calls you first or just plain makes the first move?

okay, so this has been going on for like ever. so guys, do you see it as a good thing or desperate if a girl texts you first or calls you first or... Show More

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  • It definitely is a good thing. Lots of guys don't want to make the first move and are too scared. They are shy, or just intimidated by that particular girl. Most of the time you can judge what to do by noticing the amount of eye contact you are getting when he's speaking to you. Just a good rule of thumb.

    So yes, Contact the guy! it's not desperate, it's taking the initiative.

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  • no not me I love it when they do because I'm way to shy to make the first move so I wish the girl would

  • Hell no, it takes so much off the mind... I would prefer it because it already says I am here, I am interested, hey I like you, and finally I am making first contact already.

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