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Met this girl, I really like her but I don't know what to do now.. Any advice?

I met this girl and I started to like her. So we hung out and went out a for sometime. She would always text me everyday and then one night she was... Show More

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  • You're doing the right thing - taking it one day at a time. As soon as a girl starts to "lean away" from you (physically or emotionally) then you MUST do the same thing. If you lean INTO her when she's leaning away, you'll only come across as needy or desperate.The best thing to do is give her the gift of missing you. If she doesn't come back to you, that means she was never really that interested. Trust me, if she's interested she'll show up at your door. And the last thing you want to do is to "TALK" with her to make things right. This is like leaning into her. It says "hey, I feel nervous and uncertain and I'm not MAN enough to handle these feelings... so can we talk about it so that I can feel better?" This will push her way.Don't talk. Just LEAD. Take action and lead. If you like her, then invite her out with you. Invite her to join you in some non-date scenario. Then, over many dates, escalate. Don't be afraid because you've already kissed her. You just need to remind her body how good it feels when spending time with you.If she avoids you then let her go. Don't be needy, just be glad you had the time you had with her, then move on. Don't get jaded or hurt, because she has her own things going on that has lead her there.Best of luck man!~ RobbyMy Blog ( link )

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  • Your doing the right thing. Just give it some time. I'm sure she'll come back to you. Sometimes they need to give it a break.Good Luck.- Harvey D

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