Why do guys say they want you, then ignore you for a while, and then flirt again?

he was always taking care of me, taking the initiative, saying he liked me and wanted to see how things went for a relationship when he would have more time after pledging ended, and we were kissing and spending time together. then, during pledging he starts to stop texting and asking me to hang... Show More

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  • Well one, you have to understand that he problemly doesn't know what he wants, but he knows his attracted to you. Being close friends and being around each other so much he might not want to take that next step because he is afraid that it may not work out. Some guys are not as confident as others an they won't make an serious move. So you have a choice: if he wants you to come to the party he will find a way to get in touch with you. But if you don't get another invite don't go and don't call just wait. Wait to see what move he will make, because you don't want an guy that is unable to make an serious move. If he really cares he will make a move.