Does he still care about me? what should I do?

OK I've officially decided sex makes everything so much more complicated haha. this guy and I had been talking for about three months and he was honestly the sweetest nicest guy who really treated me right. we acted like boyfriend/girlfriend and I was the only girl in his life he was "talking" to.... Show More

te (I've never tried one before and I just wanted to see what it felt like) and tom (the guy) jumped in and told his friend he better not give it to me he doesn't want to see me smoking, I shouldn't be smoking (even tho he smokes sometimes haha).
and then his friend was playing around hitting me and my friend and wen he started hitting me, toms face got so angry. I asked him if we could talk the next day he said yes and the next day texted me offering to talk. I didn't feel like it tho.
we kept texting tho and when I asked him what he was doing the next day he stopped texting back and I kinda freaked out and asked him why he sometimes doesn't respond anymore but he didn't respond haha. so I know ignoring him and making him jealous works
in getting his attention. my gut tells me we could work things out and at some point be what we were before but I just don't know what to do now. should I ignore him? or just try to make things normal or talk to him about it even tho I know he really does
nt want to sorry that was so long haha oh and do the things he's doing mean he still cares? it seems I an only get his attention when he knows I need his help?

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  • umm goodness I don't want to sound mean but I have to honest.

    I think the ones who care about you when you need help are the ones that care the most. It is selfless, they aren't doing it because they think they are going to get lucky and that is a rare thing. He didn't want to take advantage of you in bed the first time, most guys wouldn't give it a second thought if you'd made yourself that available.

    He obviously cares about you, but he is probably feeling confused, he wasn't ready to have sex and you pressured him into it, by getting mad at him when he didn't the first time and then ignoring him afterwards. He's very obviously hurt and confused and is regretting what he did, he probably feels ashamed for giving in even though he wasn't ready.

    If you really care about him you won't play games with his heart, ignoring him is cruel, a girl did that to me for 9 months, it was the coldest most heartless thing anyone had ever done to me and it hurt me very deeply. You should either try to settle things or part ways with some sense of dignity, anything else is just cruel.