Good movies to watch with boyfriend/girlfriend?

Any good movies to watch when just hanging out with your bf/gf, maybe with another couple or friends? Romantic comedies, maybe even a horror flick?


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  • HMM depends...romantic movies: obviously the notebook, ps I love you...romantic comedies: she's the man, 10 things I hate about you, ever after! (so cute and perfect) CAN go for wedding crashers or even american wedding it you about adventurland? it's also good...or pretty women is a great one! or the proposal...

    ***help me with my most recent question pleaseeee

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      Adventureland kinda lacked story structure but yea I was thinkin like movies that are a good balance of comedy/romance. Anything too corny kinda makes it annoying for guys to watch it, but inject some comedy and us guys will be able to get into it