Good movies to watch with boyfriend/girlfriend?

Any good movies to watch when just hanging out with your bf/gf, maybe with another couple or friends? Romantic comedies, maybe even a horror flick?


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  • HMM depends...romantic movies: obviously the notebook, ps I love you...romantic comedies: she's the man, 10 things I hate about you, ever after! (so cute and perfect) CAN go for wedding crashers or even american wedding it you about adventurland? it's also good...or pretty women is a great one! or the proposal...

    ***help me with my most recent question pleaseeee

    • Adventureland kinda lacked story structure but yea I was thinkin like movies that are a good balance of comedy/romance. Anything too corny kinda makes it annoying for guys to watch it, but inject some comedy and us guys will be able to get into it

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  • where the heart is

  • Don’t watch lame movies… like the notebook…. If you're in a fairly new relationship, funny movies are good. Like; Hangover, hotrod, etc…

    I’m only speaking for my age group, however.

  • The notebook.. A walk to Rember... she's the man... twilight

  • you should watch and movie that your both interested in...for example I'm a car and so is my boyfriend so we would watch car movies and stuff just go by what you like to watch.

  • Well I would say a horror flick would be the best. Like Somthing that's not like the exorcist but more of like mirrors (just suggestions on scary wise) this was on all the scenes where things pop out she can turn to you. We like it to be comforted (sometimes we act more scared then we are just so you'll hold us a little tighter) I know this seems like old school but it still works.

    • O, really? I always thought that was just something guys made up

    • Nope, it's true! haha

    • Sweetness, because I love horror movies, well I mean not super gory stuff, jsut anything with suspense in it

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  • Never watch romantic films because girls will realize what we can never be or do to them :)

    And for those girls who will disagree, it is called acting for a is called a script for a's not real, it is a calculated set of events that will never work in real life.

    So my advice, horror..they hate it but you can make them feel safe with you.