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Romantic songs?

My boyfriend dedicates a lot of romantic songs to me almost everyday about how much he loves me and misses me. I am trying to find romantic songs to... Show More

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  • Give me the Sky by Fightstar- link

    Without You by Busted- link

    Mercury Summer by Fightstar- link

    Take You Home by Fightstar- link

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  • Looking at his taste in music you can't go wrong with "More than word" by Extreme

What Girls Said 4

  • I don't really know what kind of music ur into but one song my boyfriend once dedicated to me was called "something like me" by staind the chorus is like "everytime you say you love me I just have to stop and catch my breath, how could somebody love something like me..." I thought it was sweet

    Another good one is "got it right this time" by keith urban

  • i really like 1234 by plain white ts ... the best thing by relient K...must have done something rite by relient k...can you tell by ra ra raiot ...if you could only see by tonic... those are some songs that my boyfriend has dedicated to me =)

  • I think dedacation is a bad idea. there are words that are off and they are not your own words. if you want a song then write one

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