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Why does he tease me?

there is this guy who teases me and I find it funny with some of his jokes…. he goes to my college he 19 years old he calls me this weird names... Show More

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  • no to be honest, he is playing you like a flute...some people are better at anticipating others reactions than most, therefore he knows pretty well how far he can take it without getting problems.what you did was not good either, because you didn't stand up for yourself the moment he started which was as good as a "there you go, have your fun with me"your talk with him probably was in private and he was understanding and all, but the moment you both were in "public" again, it went on just like nothing happened...happened to me once while on an internship, I told them to stop it, and when they didn't I had a chat with his supervisor showing him evidence, the guy came over and apologized 3 times and I never heard of it again...college is a little different, because its not as easy to exert power over some other student, which is by the way in my experience the only language they understand.but you have to decide how you want to handle this and go through with it.another question for you: are you maybe into this guy? judging from your reactions and that you put the question in the flirting section rather than in behavior

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  • Maybe he just doesn't kno hw to talk 2 you oris tryin 2 find a way to at least get near toyou as boys are quite playful somtimesjust tell him hw you feel about it

  • It could also be that he s gay and flirting with you. He acts the way a guy does when he is into someone.

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  • Get it set in your mind that the next time he does this. Your going to let him know you didn't like it. You don't have to say any thing. But defiantly don't smile. Just give him a look and walk away. If he does care for you' he's goanna want to know what he did wrong and want to make it right. But you have to suck it up and let him know you didn't or don't like it. Him and anyone else. It's hard to stop hurting someone if you don't know that you are. If he doesn't come to you about it. Then maybe he just needs to stay away.

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