Do guys like hugs?

do you guys like it when girls give you hugs? how do you interpret it? do you take it as a total flirt move or just think nothing of it? what do hugs mean to you?


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  • Yeah absolutely!

    Is it flirting? It depends how it's done. When a girl practically jumps on me and presses her boobs against my chest, I think it's pretty flirty. And depending on the girl, I will take it seriously or not seriously.

    But in general I don't think anything of it unless it's someone I really care about and I start smelling her hair or whatever instinctually...


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  • Hugs are ok, it wouldn't consider it flirting.

  • I like hugs. I look at them as a friendly gesture. but that's me

  • I like hugs, and I'm apparently pretty good at giving them, but I certainly wouldn't consider it to be flirtatious. I hug my female friends all the time. For me, giving a female friend of mine a hug is the equivalent of giving a male friend a handshake.

  • Most definitely, I love the hugs. As for the purpose of a hug, I'd say it can be used for flirting if you are just standing around and one is given to you while the girl is talking to you. However, if a hug is given during a greeting or farewell, then I just say that its nothing. If anything, it just shows that you're closer to that particular girl.

  • "Do guys like hugs?"

    hell yeaaaaaaahhhhh

  • I love hugs. When I was a kid my family always wanted to embrace me, but I was foolish and had tantrums. As as a result I tend to accept any hugs so as to fill in the gap. I myself love feeling close to other humans, so whether it's a guy or a girl I'm happy to oblige.


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  • i think its only romantic when your dating the guy or in a relationship, because as a girl I have hugged guys who are just guyfriends, like brothers, and cousins to me...its like for a thank you, appreciation and gratitude...

    if you're trying to flirt with the guy, you have to focus on eye contact, getting to know him more, giving compliments, and touching his hand/arm