Does he feel rejected or is he not into me?

We hooked up last week before Valentines. I have a gut feeling that he really liked me because other girls have tried hooking up with him but he hasn't gone for them. He was intent on my pleasure and not his. I told him I liked him, but didn't want to push him into a relationship, and didn't want it to be awkward after. We also made plans to hang-up the next day.


Boy: I'm free until 2 if you wanna come over

Me: I'm busy. We can hang out later

Boy: Okay...I'm kinda busy too Let me knoww what your schedule looks like later

Me: (Four hours later) Hows work?

Boy: Eh, its okay

Me: (Two hours later) What are you doing later

Boy: I just woke up from nap kinda behind on things

Me: Awww...good luck sad we won't see each other on Valentines

He didn't text back for six days. I texted him after

Me: Haven't seen you around. We should hang out soon.

Boy: Don't know what my weekend looks like. We'll see

Next morning

Boy: I'm free until 2 if you wanna hang

Me: I'm working on a paper come to library

Boy: aww that's too bad I'm going to hang out with the boys for a bit

Me: How about later?

Boy: What time?

Boy: (An hour later) Let mee knoow what your schedule looks like

Me: (FIVE HOURS LATER) Ahhh! I think I'm almost done. You free?

Boy: I'm at a hockey game...maybe some other time.

Me: kks let me know

Me: (two hours later) I'm sorry my texts were so late. Our plans never work out :) I'm free now if you want to hang out.

He never texted back that night, and he was out with friends and other girls. Is he not that into me, or have my late texts seem like I'm disinterested, or are we just hook-up buddies? I'm not trying to play any games, I'm just really busy. He is a really good-looking guy so I think he doesn't want to seem available, but if he really likes me shouldn't he want to contact me?


Most Helpful Girl

  • You are just his hookup buddy. I know this because a guy who wants more will try to pin you down for a date in the future. A guy who just wants you when it's convenient is a guy who is just trying to schedule some sex into his day without messing up his plans to hang with friends or anything else he wants to do. Also, the fact that he stopped texting after you threw the comment about Valentines out there is 100% telling.

    This is why being FWB is not fun. You ended up realizing that the guy puts you at the bottom of his list of things he wants to do.