Does he feel rejected or is he not into me?

We hooked up last week before Valentines. I have a gut feeling that he really liked me because other girls have tried hooking up with him but he hasn't gone for them. He was intent on my pleasure and not his. I told him I liked him, but didn't want to push him into a relationship, and didn't want... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • You are just his hookup buddy. I know this because a guy who wants more will try to pin you down for a date in the future. A guy who just wants you when it's convenient is a guy who is just trying to schedule some sex into his day without messing up his plans to hang with friends or anything else he wants to do. Also, the fact that he stopped texting after you threw the comment about Valentines out there is 100% telling.

    This is why being FWB is not fun. You ended up realizing that the guy puts you at the bottom of his list of things he wants to do.