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This girl I like thinks I'm a bit... weird :(

she thinks I'm a bit weird and that "i tend to weird everything up" is there anything I can do to get her to stop thinking I'm weird and start... Show More


maybe because I don't talk to her much is why she thinks I'm a bit odd?

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  • Sometimes I say a guy is "weird" or even stuff like "loser!" but usually in a light, funny & endearing kinda way. the usually means I like him too, haha. it's not what she says I guess, it's how and why she's saying it. like I used to call this guy (who eventually became my bf) "loser" and "weirdo" but totally with love and out of endearment =p

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  • ask questions. people always like to talk about themselves. ehow.com has a lot of tricks for opening up when your shy ;)

  • Try talking to her over the Internet or text. It is easier to talk this way, and if you have some conversations this way she may start to think of you as a not-weird guy.

  • well that's a tough problem but don't change yourself for her but if you relle want her just try to not be so weird around her if you have a cell get her number or talk to her at school just try to show her who you relle are and if your naturally weird and she don't want you for who you are then srew her find someone new :) if you have any questions add me and ask away

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  • How well does she know you?

    • Not well at all. she knows a few of my hobbies and some of my background life info but that's about it.i don't even know her favorite genre of music, but I do know a few of her hobbies.thats all we both know lol

  • Don't worry. The girl I was interested in called me "weird" several times, but when I asked her out on a date, she said yes. So don't sweat it.

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