This girl I like thinks I'm a bit... weird :(

she thinks I'm a bit weird and that "i tend to weird everything up" is there anything I can do to get her to stop thinking I'm weird and start thinking I'm a cool guy to be with?

i don't talk to her much, mainly outa shyness and fear she might not be interested in wanting to talk back. so I could use some convo openers as well as topics help as well


maybe because I don't talk to her much is why she thinks I'm a bit odd?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Sometimes I say a guy is "weird" or even stuff like "loser!" but usually in a light, funny & endearing kinda way. the usually means I like him too, haha. it's not what she says I guess, it's how and why she's saying it. like I used to call this guy (who eventually became my bf) "loser" and "weirdo" but totally with love and out of endearment =p