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How do I encourage him to tell me how he feels about me?

Finally, I had gotten up the courage to tell him once and for all how I feel about him. And it seems he may have finally gotten up the courage to do... Show More

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  • tell him, get it off your chest - if you hold it back you'll always ask yourself 'what if'...

    guys don't have to be the first to say something, just be like

    you: "hey I wanted to tell you that I like you and youve alwasy been really cute to me"

    him: "really, wow I've been wanting to tell you that forever"

    you: " :) haha well I'm glad we're on the same page :) "

    him: "yeah tell me about it, that's a relief"

    you: "maybe we can go out sometime? movie? or dinner?"

    him "sounds great, why don't I call you on friday evening and we'll figure something out"

    lol I mean it probably won't go exactly like that but I've had girls do stuff like that to me and its actaully very exciting, because guys are the ones who always take the risk, when you do it and you get what you were looking for the payoff will be a great feeling...but don't get your hopes too high - otherwise you'll be setting yourself up for a let down..


  • You are actually totally right with your point of view.

    And you can add some lines of(flirts,one liners,emotional) in daily chat which muster internal feelings.

    So he won't need you tell what he thinks about you.Because he will get over this quickly.


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