Does my friend have feelings for me?

I'm a guy, she's a girl. We went on a couple dates about 3 years ago but she ended up dating someone else. No biggie, we stayed friends through that relationship and others. I've never had a secret crush or longing but I've always found her sorta attractive and would consider a relationship...

Right now she's dating a guy she intends to break up with soon. I know because we're best friends, I've watched her stop caring for him (that and she's talked about it).

Anyway, I have this feeling I've been getting more of her attention lately. She moved away, not far - about 45 mins - for a new job. A few days after she left she called me from a grocery store and said she saw something that reminded her of me. Now, she knows I'm not the type to chat on the phone so its not something we do. We might email or text message but actual phone calls were always utilitarian. I thought it was a little weird. Also, a few weeks ago when we were having dinner together I mentioned asking a girl out and she kind of clammed up about it when before we would talk about it. That mixed with some other vibe I've been getting from her lately makes me think she's developing feelings for me.

So my question chicas, is this: What sort of behavior should I be looking for? And how would you ladies act around a best friend you're falling for? What should I do, if I'm, you know, a little interested?


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  • I Say that you wait for a bit till you ask her out after she breaks up. I think if she goes to you for a lot of things, you guys are physically close all the time and talking, it can help with feelings and developing a relationship again.

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      Definitely not trying to get in the way of her relationship if that's what she wants. Thing is, I'm pretty certain she doesn't. Some sticky issues there, but you're right - I won't even try til its officially over.