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Does my friend have feelings for me?

I'm a guy, she's a girl. We went on a couple dates about 3 years ago but she ended up dating someone else. No biggie, we stayed friends through that... Show More

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  • I Say that you wait for a bit till you ask her out after she breaks up. I think if she goes to you for a lot of things, you guys are physically close all the time and talking, it can help with feelings and developing a relationship again.

    • Definitely not trying to get in the way of her relationship if that's what she wants. Thing is, I'm pretty certain she doesn't. Some sticky issues there, but you're right - I won't even try til its officially over.

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  • I think you should just ask her. Truth is...you will never know unless you ask and asking dosen't hurt if she is your friend like that .

  • well it could be for just me, but when I know I am ending a relationship with a guy or just ended one I usually look back on my past with old relationships I had.

    sometimes its nice to think about about what could be if I wanted, and it seems like she is starting to think about you like that..

    maybe its more of a question and she is unsure of it right now.. maybe somehow bring up the past when you did try and date and see how she looks back on that.

  • well when we get upset when you mention other girls, it means we are jealous and that means right away, we are falling for you. and we are more possessive and we txt or call often...arranging some sort of date to see you more often...

    • The problem is us guys, we sometimes have trouble telling if you girls are upset. thanks tho.

  • I would react pretty much like that. It's like, you can see yourself acting "out of the ordinary" but you can't help it sometimes. You flirt more, touch more, are upset more, want to keep in contact more -- even at the risk of embarrassing yourself. I would say you can bet good money that she's into you.

    If you're a little interested, try flirting with her -- or flirting more earnestly, and see how she reacts.

    • We've been good friends for so long - not sure if I could flirt with her :) But I'll see what I can do. Thanks.

    • It might seem weird at first but trust me, if you are into her even a little, it'll be fine. :) But if continues to feel weird or awkward, then you know it's not working out.

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