Why isn't he attracted to me?

Okay so I texted this guy for a few weeks then met up and went on a date. Well after the date the guy told me he just wasn't attracted to me & I understood and wasn't upset cause I mean I would consider myself a pretty girl I have been on two dates since then but what really bugs me is that I have seen his ex girlfriend on Facebook and she is like so ugly ugh! and she's a whole lot bigger than me & well it makes me feel like I'm uglier than her and its bugging the crap out of me. I am 5'3 I have blonde hair hazel/green eyes and toned body I work out regularly & I'm really out going. So why in the world is he not attracted to me? & he can be attracted to something like her ugh PLEASE HELP?

It's not my personality either I have been complimented many of times on that. Not to sound cocky or whatever but could it be possible that he thinks I'm too pretty cause he seemed really nervous around me when we hung out & he couldn't talk to me really.
^^^I don't know just a thought.


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  • Personality is a part of a realtionship, attractive will only take you so fare. Also each person has their own particluar tastes, maybe he is a chubby chaser, or he likes certian things, eye colour, hair style, height, etc. Sometimes people are attracted to someone because they are and what you think is attractive might be unattractive to someone else. Attractiveness is realtive to the individual, I have a particular type that I go for, I don't know why but it works for me, anything outside that won't work even if other people may think the individual is attractive. Weird huh...


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  • There are different definitions for "attractive" or "attracted". So, maybe you are much hotter than his former date, but maybe he did not like your personality or something else that he noticed which differs you from the ugly girl. Just because you are prettier, does not mean that every guy will be more attracted to you. I knew a really hot girl in high school, but she had the nastiest, most worst personality ever. Even though she was hot, she did not have any friends.

    • It's not that cause when we texted he told me my personality was awesome I mean I was nervous the day we hung out but I wasn't a bitch or anything & he said he wasn't attracted yet he held my hand & tried to kiss me & told me I was gorgeous whenever I sent him pictures SOO CONFUSING!

  • Personality.


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  • A relationship isn't all about your looks.. you have to allso have personality and be ready 2 be in a serious relationship..maybee you didn't connect with eachother... you just don't have boyfriends 'cause "everyone" has it.. it's about finding someone you actually realley enjoy be with.

  • This reminds me of what I am going through. I dated a guy 22 years ago...we lost touch for the last 16 years. We reconnected just before Thanksgiving, talking on Facebook and on the phone, and flirting with each other. then we had lunch a few days ago and, on the phone no less, he tells me there was no attraction but he really liked me as a friend. Issue: I told him yesterday I was frustrated (yes, sexually, and he knew what I meant) and he said, "do you need help with that?" WTH? I have had a really hard life and a mini stroke a couple of years ago so, yeah, maybe I look a little older than normal (I'm 42 by the way). Doesn't this make him kind of superficial if he bases his feelings on my outward appearance rather than the kind and sweet and funny and witty and smart woman he says I am?