Will a man have sex with a woman even if he is not particularly attracted to her?

I have been dating this guy for a few months now but we have not had sex. When I ask him about it he always says he's not particularly attracted to me. Although he is always the one to tell me I look nice, or cuddle or touch my body. I have stopped being physical at all with him and started acting like a buddy.

Each time we spend time together he instigates cuddling (and never more) and each time he pushes it a little further but won't actually initiate sex. I decided to stop the games and be the aggressor this weekend. If he sleeps with me, will it mean he is attracted to me after all or that he just didn't bother saying no?

Please help..


Most Helpful Guy

  • He might claim not to be attracted to you, but his actions say otherwise. I would wonder why he would be physical with someone that he wasn't "particularly" attracted to.