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Will a man have sex with a woman even if he is not particularly attracted to her?

I have been dating this guy for a few months now but we have not had sex. When I ask him about it he always says he's not particularly attracted to... Show More

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  • He might claim not to be attracted to you, but his actions say otherwise. I would wonder why he would be physical with someone that he wasn't "particularly" attracted to.

What Guys Said 5

  • Its odd he is dating someone he isn't attracted to...I wouldnt

  • let me just repeat what you wrote "he's not particularly attracted to me" now look back at your last comment "will it mean he is attracte to me"...the answer is yes guys will and do sleep with girls there not that attracted to, he's sleeping with you becouse your offering it to him. if your happy with maintaining the status quo then that's ok, if your not happy with it then you need to set down some rules.

    can I ask if you spend time with him on dates?. it'll give me a better idea of his intentions.


  • probably not. I wont. I have to feel at least something towards her

  • Yes, I will usually sleep with anything that speaks to me and has a vagina.

What Girls Said 2

  • Soon as he told you that he was not attracted to you, you should have left him alone. In order for me to continue seeing a guy, he MUST be attracted to me. Remember, having sex with a guy will NOT keep him.

  • there are guys who will f*** girls they aren't attracted to to get off.

    i think the real question is, why are you dealing with a guy who has flat out told you that he is not physically attracted to you? wtf you shouldnt even want to have sex with a guy who doesn't find you attractive. how does that feel?

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