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Why can't I make any guy friends?

I have been upset for several weeks due to the fact that my guy friend doesn't want to be friends anymore. I don't know exactly why, I just know it... Show More

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  • This guy seems to be given you way too much mixed signals one minute he don't wanna be your friend the next he wants you 2 c him in da shower?maybe you gave him the wrong signals maybe you're a pretty girl and a guy being friends with a pretty girl in my eyes is a no no I seriously don't believe a guy can just be friends with a girl at all maybe they try but somewhere is always thinkin about having sex with you or something?trust me I have a fiance and I don't even talk to other men because now I have learned there is only one thing on there mind.u seem stuck here darling . if you just want to be friends I think you should explain there is no sexual feeling there because he will just keep thinkin them cuddles you want is in an emotional way when to you there not but to him they might be! maybe all the guys want to be your friend but your given them the impression you want more.dont give them everything at once darling all your emotions and cuddles because he will think you want more xxx hope I helped you

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