How can you tell if a guy likes you?

How long does a guy wait to kiss you for the first time? If he asks you for a hug is that good or bad? We've only been out a couple of times but we talk and text every day a lot. Should I wait for him to kiss me or should I kiss him? And how can I know if he likes me? Thank you


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  • It depends on the guy of how long he will wait to kiss you. With me it takes a while because I want to make absolutely sure that she likes me before I attempt to take it to that stage. One way to show that you are interested in him is to try and hold his hand next time you two go see a movie. If he doesn't shy away from that then I would say its a pretty good bet that he likes you back. Its not as bold as trying to kiss him but it will give you the same answer. Once you have that answer you could try to move it on to the kissing stage (or he may try to).

    Oh and him asking for a hug is a good sign. Personally I wouldn't want a hug from a girl that I have been talking/texting a lot if I didn't like her.

    • Is there a way you can tell if he wants more than just sex? before you even have sex? and how long should a girl wait and how long does a guy wait?

    • Well if he is only looking to get some then he probably won't stay around for long if you make it known that you aren't going to rush into having sex. As far as how long to wait then that depends on the girl/relationship. If a guy is looking to get some then it will be very soon but if he is looking for a relationship more than sex then he will be willing to wait until you are ready.

  • After you get your nails done and are going out with him , look him in the eyes and touch his face with your hand gently. Have a nice day. :)

  • It depends on the guy, but I know if I really like a girl, I would want her to know I'm not after the physical stuff. Maybe he doesn't know your limits and wants to know that you wouldn't mind. Meet him halfway.

  • Flirt him up baby girl, give hints, go 90%and he will go the10%


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  • --If you text everyday than believe me he likes you. If you want to kiss him than make the first move--he will love the fact that you initiated and made thing easier for him becaus he might just be a shy guy--and us girls have to try a little harder around shy guys--we have to do most of the work at the start.

    but I love the guys who are straight foward and dominant--they will just go ahead and kiss you or get close to you--they make you feel liked and wanted and you don't have to work at intiating anything ;-) the guy I'm seeing now actually kissed me on the first date--and he definitaly was the one who made the first move--we were walking and out of nowhere he pulls me by the hand to the side next a wall and goes in--i was suprised but loved--

    anyway have fun--

  • :) hugging is good and it seems like he is sticking around. I like what CubanRaftRider said about the movies and holding his had that's a cute light way to let him now you are ready to move on. Also I don't think I would kiss him first :) let him be a macho man :)!

    • We have been out like 4 times and we text all the time, we talk occasionally. I put my head on his shoulder at the movies two times that we went. some of our texts are like about getting naked and doing it. but he still hasn't kissed me, next time we go out if things get heated do I let it or is it too soon still? I want to but I don't want to do it too soon I really like him and am pretty sure he feels the same. I want to kiss him but I am not going to I want him to first.

    • YeaI know a guy who is like that with me all talk after a while I just stoped texting him because I got tired of waiting. and If things get really heated give him a long hug and while you are in his arms look up into his eyes and bite your lower lip :) hopefuly he will get the hint! Good luck!

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