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Why does my guy friend cuddle me when I sleep?

everything he does confuses me to know end. we make out, he caresses my thigh, kisses my neck, etc. but we don't take it further then that. whenever... Show More

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  • he wants you but he's takn. like maybe he feels something when he's flirting with you. like you need to talk to him honestly and ask em what's up because he could possibly be into you in a way. or it could be he's needing to fill his boyly pleasures.

  • Wow... He's just your friend?

    • He has a girlfriend so yea I guess we jus friends.. maybe friends with benefits?

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    • Maybe I should lol I'll ask when I see him. thanks for clearing things up some for me

    • I'm 3 days late haha :D. ur very welcome.

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