Why does my guy friend cuddle me when I sleep?

everything he does confuses me to know end. we make out, he caresses my thigh, kisses my neck, etc. but we don't take it further then that. whenever I lay on the couch (my stomach or back), or on the floor or bed he lays on me but rarely lays next to me. when I lay on my back he lifts my shirt some an kiss my tummy. he is comfortable an warm an I start falling asleep. sometimes he just lays there and lets me sleep also falling asleep himself. other times he'll poke my nose, poke my neck, run his fingers down my spine, cuddle me, snuggle against me, kiss my forehead, pull me closer, kiss my neck, or nibbles on my neck.

is he playing with me? the last time I checked he has a gf. or am I missing something?