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I sent him the wrong text message and know I don't know what he might think?

The text message I was sending was for my friend, I was telling her the things that happened between me and this guy but these were kinda private... Show More

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  • hmmm that's embarrassing. Kind of like if someone overhears you saying something about them when you've thought they weren't there. Was the text really that bad?

    • Yes it is emabarrasing :( it happend yesterday...I was telling my friend me and the guy did it and he wanted me to go down on him and I didn`t want to and then to find out I sent it to him that was a bummer cause obiously he knew I was talking about him.

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    • Cool. Mi as in Michigan?

      Born in Melbourne, Australia and my parents are Australian. Lived here all my life

    • You know I talked with him and I even saw him again lol but he wasn't mad at all but he did memorized the text message and repeated it to me a lot of times and askd me who did I tell it to and I told him to who and he was a little embarrased lol but then he said whatever I don't care...so me and him are good.

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