Is the Catholic Church Corrupt?

Do you believe the Catholic Church is corrupt?

I'm atheist and come from a Catholic family,but I believe the catholic church is corrupt.I love learning about religion and spirituality,I respect all beliefs,and I always try to avoid any persuasion from the media;such as stereotypes about Islam and Catholics and Scientology,but I can't help believing the Catholic church is just corrupt,so many lies and ugh,even the head of the church not admitting his faults and the faults of the Catholic church as a whole.

Agree or disagree?

And if you're going to whine,get butt hurt,cry,or block me or other people you can just not answer:D


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  • Yes, I'm agnostic... It's corrupt, I'm not going to press anyone else to follow my beliefs. But I think it's corrupt in the way it adapts and adjusts. I don't think many modern day 'catholics' actually read the bible or pay attention in church they just go to church because of how they were raised. But if you look back in time, the church was more strict in the past, no meat on fridays and no work on the sabbath, the sabbath used to be a saturday not sunday. There are about 170 commandments not 10, you used to be able to buy pardons to avoid going into hell for sinning. Then all that changed for no reason whatsoever. And now they (well in Ireland anyway) the church not only helped cover up, but they also protected priest who were paedophiles? I mean what sort of example is that? They also say peace and love to all men, except gays and those with different beliefs... eh? There are a lot of verses in the bible catholics have clearly never read, a lot very forcefully suggest that certain groups of people should die and don't have a right to live. I think it's very hypocritical of itself and it changes way too easily to avoid any sort of criticism... How can people just change 'gods' word to suit and still believe in it? It's all flawed to me.

    • They change it to fit their flaws that their own religion originally banned. Many people who follow religions seem to know very little about it in depth, and where it originally came from along with what it originally was. Not to mention religions are commonly used to gain power over others and thus the reason it changes so often and will do what it can to hide "imperfections" as not to fall from power.

    • I agree, I especially hate feuds between catholics and protestants and being in northern ireland it's probably the most common type of violence. I mean it's the same religion but a slightly different branch and it's nothing to be taken so seriously that you'd kill someone. I mean who knows who exactly wrote the bible, why they wrote it and when? For all anyone knows it could just be a novel... People just assumed wise phrophets wrote it.

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  • I too am an ex-Catholic (now an atheist). I left for many reasons but I think the whole institution is rotten to the core. The arbitrary morality, the logical contortions, the rigid orthodoxy, the child molesting priests and the pope that enables them all add up to an organization I refuse to support.

    I have nothing against the lay people, mind you. Most of them are good, loving and honest people and so are many of the clergy but I think the church itself is stuck in the dark ages.

    • Yea,the priest of my church(the one I went to) was arrested for several sex abuse allegations against boys:/

  • Yes, I too am an ex-Catholic, went to catholic school from k-12, many of the Popes were horrible ppl, but some were wonderful..John Paul 2 was a great person in many ways...but some popes had multiple msitresses and fathered made deals with the nazis..but overall most catholics are good people..they are jsut caught up in a man-made relgion and many catholic clergy are wonderful. although I'm no longer Catholic I greatly appreciate te influence many priests and teachers had in my life. As far as admitting faults...John Paul 2 apologized for several incidents of catholic cruelty..and he reached out to other faiths more than any other Pope. I think he was a remarkable human being...Like you I also am interested in spirituality and religion..soemtimes I go pray in the adoration chapel to reflect and pray...and I still wear a Mary medal...It just gives me a certain strength even as an unbeliever.

    • Oh,Pope John Paul II was good,It was sad when he passed:(

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    • Oh,I went to church when I was little and the Priest of my church,the one who baptized me was arrested a few years ago for multiple counts of sexual abuse:/

    • can be scary..there weren't any in my area..but yes that is a big issue and the church needs to beg forgiveness

  • The catholic church has been corrupt for thousands upon thousands of years, they are the most powerful form of government the world has seen, but as the 19th and 20th centuries came along religion started falling to the wayside and has lost substantial power, especially in the 21st century. No one can regulate or control them though as far as crimes, i.e. the priests abusing boys.

    This is not opinion but more historical, I was catholic, and still believe in the ideas of belief of religion, I just find a problem with how such an existential connection can be regulated

  • I'm not one to say if it is corrupt or not. However, I do believe that the people leading have done awful acts. I become upset when people that preach the gospel of God don't live it out. It's a shame. I respect the Catholic Church for what it is, but the some of the people in the church must live up to the standards they preach and read.


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  • I'm probably a little biased, since I'm a Catholic, but I wouldn't call the Catholic church corrupt. I do, however, think that many of the leaders are, especially the Pope.

    • Yea,I worded the Q wrong,I meant the leaders,like the pope and priests etc

  • Yes, I do think it's got it's flaw. Not so much the beliefs and religions (I respect whatever they believe in) it's mainly the people who are preaching it and within the catholic church whom are the corrupted ones.

    • I agree,it's basically the leaders that are corrupt,not the beliefs

  • The leaders are corrput not the beliefs or practices themselves.the priests and pope are

    • Yea,I agree.I don't really see how any "beliefs" themselves can be corrupt,but I do believe the the leaders of the Catholic church are corrupt and not practicing what they preach.Priests,Cardinals,Pope,pretty much corrupt

  • i think the catholic church is really satanic.

  • WHO are YOU to judge?

    • Wow.butthurt?Simple question

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    • Why thank you,but I don't care.I'm not the one who posted anonymously;she's the crazy lady who doesn't want her man watching porn;she's the insecure nut:) Of course she'd post anonymously,I have the guts to post as myself:)

    • Well.I remember this