Does my neighbor like me?

I have a major crush on my neighbor and I think he likes me to but I'm not sure and I'm to scared to talk to him can someone tell me what to say and how I can tell! he says hi every time he sees me and he always says whats good witcha but that can mean 2 things in my language



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  • He might like you, but you might not know unless you spend some more time with him. Try talking to him some more or find something the two of you can do outside or something.


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  • I will agree with the other two posts here, you already have his attention because he is noticing when you are around by saying hi. Take it to the next step and try and start up a conversation about some very general like the weather, his car, some sports team, whatever you want. He will stop and chat with you and you should get a better feel for any potential with him.


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  • Okay he already says hi which is a good thing you already have his attention just say hi back and think of something you could say like if he's doing yard work ask him if he needs help.See he already wants to talk to you since he's asking what's good with ya in my language it means how are things going for you.Its not that hard you have to just break aways from that shy shell you have going on.