Girls who pose nude for magazines

Guys, how would do you feel about women that do this. would you date a girl who posed nude for a magazine


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  • I could *possibly* be friends with such a girl--I'm an open-minded guy--but I probably wouldn't date her. Reasons:

    1) Choices, especially deliberate patterns of choices, say certain things about a person's character, or AT LEAST a person's values. I'm fairly liberal, but I lean conservative when it comes to sex (e.g., In terms of any relationship I'M in, I think it's a private thing for me and the girl to enjoy, shouldn't be "shared" with other people--those are my personal values). A girl that would pose nude for a magazine most likely wouldn't share my values about sex, so I wouldn't be interested in dating her. I don't judge people for their personal choices--if we click well, we could definitely be friends, but a relationship would probably not work out.

    2) I'm just a little uncomfortable with other guys "spanking the monkey" to my girlfriend (see the point I made above about my values). Besides, monkeys shouldn't become an endangered species. They didn't do anything wrong, so they don't deserve punishment, right?


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  • Why are Playboy bunnies so popular? They are hot, and they posed in Playboy. Being naked in a nationally recognized magazine is a turn on. Besides, Mr. Hefner does have great taste in women. So, yes. Furthermore, I get to find out what turns her on in the bio section next to her nude pictures.

    • Yeah, but most likely you`ll never sleep with her so what the hell is the point

      I would never date a guy who posed nude for a magazine

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    • In the end, we all objectify ourselves. We boast about our work, education, looks, etc. to create a sense of self worth. For example, when we work, our bosses don't really care about our family; it's a tactic to create harmony so production increases. As long as we produce something, we are worth something.

    • I wouldn't call boasting about work or education objectifying yourself. By definition, objectifying yourself means making yourself seem like an object. Boasting about work or education doesn't do that.

      Also, just because everyone does it doesn't mean it's right.

  • I agree with Sonic on this really, it's a tough one for me because my girlfriend has just got accepted to do a shoot with Loaded magazine. Now she has always said that all of these lads mags are sleazy and the girls in there are cheap sluts and desperate for attention and she hates attention seekers. But then she got an email from Loaded asking if she wanted to go down and visit them and she now seems totally up for the idea and can't see why I'm annoyed by that.

    I just feel that, my body is hers only and no one else's and no one else will ever get the privilege of seeing my body in any way, shape or form. That is for her eyes and her pleasure because I love her and she loves me, and I'd want her to be the exact same for me, she always has to be fair, in the year and a half we have been together. And we've always taken pride in that and enjoyed that we keep ourselves to ourselves and send each other naughty pictures, pictures that we can enjoy and no one else has to.

    I hate the idea of her getting in front of a camera and posing half naked for a guys magazine, basically posing for a load of boys to stare at. You might as well walk down the street naked, it's pretty much the same thing with the same end result, you get people staring at your body. And the thought that guys would be fapping over her, wow that pisses me off.

  • Most guys probably would. Don't see anything wrong with it. it's not a big deal.

  • I wouldn't rule out dating her, but I'd be a little weary. Most of the time, girls who do this are out there only for themselves. They want to be/or find the spotlight. That makes dating her, all that much more difficult. Now if you have a fat wallet, well...

  • date her? id f*** her brains out


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  • I would ;)

    • Why?

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    • Because you're presenting youself to the world as a piece of ass? You're attracting guys that will *probably* mostly want you for sex and nothing else.

    • I think they are just proud of what they have. Which is a good thing. When you work hard for something, you're gonna want to brag about it. Ok maybe not brag, but you want it to be recognized. It could be a promotion, house, car, baby? Body? Working out is not easy, its just like "working". And the end result is the naked body they show. If they spend money on their body, why would they want to hide it? It wouldn't make sense. So I don't see it as a bad thing.