Girls who pose nude for magazines

Guys, how would do you feel about women that do this. would you date a girl who posed nude for a magazine


Most Helpful Guy

  • I could *possibly* be friends with such a girl--I'm an open-minded guy--but I probably wouldn't date her. Reasons:

    1) Choices, especially deliberate patterns of choices, say certain things about a person's character, or AT LEAST a person's values. I'm fairly liberal, but I lean conservative when it comes to sex (e.g., In terms of any relationship I'M in, I think it's a private thing for me and the girl to enjoy, shouldn't be "shared" with other people--those are my personal values). A girl that would pose nude for a magazine most likely wouldn't share my values about sex, so I wouldn't be interested in dating her. I don't judge people for their personal choices--if we click well, we could definitely be friends, but a relationship would probably not work out.

    2) I'm just a little uncomfortable with other guys "spanking the monkey" to my girlfriend (see the point I made above about my values). Besides, monkeys shouldn't become an endangered species. They didn't do anything wrong, so they don't deserve punishment, right?