Where to find a good girl?

Where can I find a good girl?

I don't really care if she isn't the hottest girl ever.

I want more of a cute, sweet, innocent girl who doesn't party.

So good girls, where are you hiding? and

how can I approach good girls?


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  • I'm not sure why I find this so funny but everything you described I am. haha However, my friends aren't exactly good girls, so with that said, don't write off a girl just because her friends like to party. When approaching a "good girl" approach them with respect. Good girls are infact good and for the most part they have standards and know how a guy should treat them. Be sweet and funny. Try not to turn conversations into anything sexual or talk about partying. Totally fine if that comes up once in a while because if not you wouldn't know if she was a good girl. But try looking places you like to go. That way you may already have a similar interest. But also, don't write off girls that you meet in places you may not like. Try observing a girl from afar before approaching her that way you can see her personality without her being nervous with you talking to her. Watching her will show you how she acts because let's face it, if you don't like how she acts with her friends, chances are you won't like her. Good luck.

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      "I'm not sure why I find this so funny but everything you described I am. "

      so much for being anonymous huh? lol

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      And that's exactly why I remain anonymous haha

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      To each his/her own