Why doesn't he talk to me?

The guy I like likes me too. We have being flirting back and forth for a few months now. We had sex a couple of times. We talk a little but he speaks Spanish and I speak English so it is kind of hard. I have learned a lot of Spanish and I talk to the other people at work in Spanish. So this guy... Show More

My friend asked him today why he didn't even say good bye the other night. He told her "I know, I know, I feel bad. I am so sorry". She told him to tell me that. He hasn't said anything to me about it yet.
Thanks to everyone for the advice. I sent him a text asking what he wanted from me. he didn't answer so I told him I was deleting his number and not going to bother him anymore. I deleted his number and didn't even look at him today at work.

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  • Some of this may be a language barrier issue, but I think a lot of it is an immigrant guy trying to get standing with the other immigrant guys.

    In an area I used to live in, newly arrived immigrant guys got a lot of respect for simply bedding a US-bred female. It's pretty disgusting behavior. Not all of these men act this way, but many do. It's unfortunate, you'd think a fresh start would be more important than being "the man" as oppose to being a man.

    • The problem is that he has not told anyone of his friends about us. All of my friends speak Spanish and they said he hasn't said anything to anyone. So if that is what he is doing then why hasn't he told anyone? Plus he has been here in the States for 2 years now.

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    • I was curious about his behavior. He can't seem to decide what he wants. One day he is talking about coming home with me everyday and the next he is blowing me off. I do like him but I was looking for something kind of causal but I still wanted it to be with someone that I was friends with. I was just confused about his behavior. He likes me, he doesn't, he does, he doesnt. It is just a little odd.

    • How do you expect to have ANY relationship with a this guy if he runs so hot and cold?