Why do girls nowadays tend to flirt with a guy only to his emotional expense?

I've been a victim, and I've heard this behavior amongst girls has been on the increase. Like it's more common now as opposed to several years ago for example. I don't get it because if a girl shows me interest that I don't like, I hate the attention. I don't flirt back or string her along... I don't see how girls can be so different.


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  • Girls like attention. That's the plain truth. Now first off before I continue, there's something I must establish. In some situations, girls won't like you. AT ALL! Maybe it's because you're ugly, or because you look creepy. Or maybe it's because you smell bad. It doesn't matter - they don't like you. So even if you give them attention, they're not going to like it.

    Moving on... we then have situations where the girl is going to like you, but she's not going to be ATTRACTED to you. This is the most common scenario, and it gets a lot of guys. This is the one you've been a victim of. In this situation, a lot of girls WILL take the attention you're giving them and use it... but they won't give you what you want from them - a relationship. Because they aren't actually attracted to you.

    The last situation is obviously when the girl is attracted to you. Any attention you do give her in this case is welcome and she is going to love you for it. Good luck finding yourself in this situation.

    Here's an article for you: link


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  • I know girls who do this for the attention, and also some who do it because they're unsure of how they feel about the guy, so don't want to lose him "just in case"

    But yeah, it's mostly attention. Especially if the guy she actually likes isn't into her, than you end up being a mode of jealousy as well as just a way for her to boost her self esteem.

  • Not really, I don't but you know when I leave it clear that I don't want anything seems that guys think I am playing hard to get and they keep trying until they got tired

  • alot of girls I know just like the attention, also sometimes girls don't get that its better to hurt the guys feelings and let him know your not into him then to hurt him by never telling him. she might also just see you as a friend or is waiting for you to make a move


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  • Women think that there is nothing wrong with a little flirting, that is because they don't have to face rejection as often as men do.

  • LOL WHAT? This behavior amongst girls has been on an increase? LOL buddy this has been happening since the very begining.

    You are being waaayyy too dramatic about this situation

    Wow, you're acting like the "victim" in the situation? That's your problem right there you have the complete wrong attitude. You're an easy target and that's why these girls are picking at you. You need to learn to play the game son! If you can't then go home.

    The game is the best part brother. Everything else is just a bonus!

  • Why do you think girls get the 'bitch' label?

    They can get a kick out of it. It amuses them to sharpen their social skills. And it can amuse them to play with a man like a cat would with a mouse.

    Many girls won't do that, especially ones that are naive about the power they can hold over most men. But the ones that are in the know, and aren't virtuous, can and do gladly toy with us guys.