How do you make a guy leave you alone?

This guy that I'm friends with likes me but I don't like him and he won't get the hint he keeps texting me and callin me sayin we should date but I already told him no ughhh? Help


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  • I disagree with Anony user who numbered a list of things that may make a guy run away from you. I am single and do none of those things.Human nature is people want what they can't have.

    So just think about how bad you want something and you can't have it. That would probably help u


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  • Because guys are sometimes told persistence=100% success. Some girls say "If he really wants me he will come after me."

    Obviously this is not the case with you. Think of something to say to him that would leave no doubt you're not interested. Sometimes you need to be mean to get things across. It's his dumb fault for not getting the message.

    Just be like "I want to be friends with you, but am in no way interested in dating you. You make me very uncomfortable when you keep asking me out." Feel free to paraphrase.

    Damn after my friend said no to me I didn't ask anymore. Would have made the situation more awkward than it already is lol.

  • Tell him you're seeing another guy

  • i just tell him that you are in a relationship elsewhere...

  • go pscho on him, be a bitch, clingy, controlling jealous, make his life miserable and he will run away...

  • 1. stop wearing makeup.

    2. Get fat.

    3. ask what kind of car he drives.

    4. Ask him how much money he makes.

    5. Ask him were he works.

    6. tell him that you only go out with men that spend more than 100 bucks per date on you.

    No man should want you after that.


    (as awful as this list sounds, there are a f***ing f***load of women that do all of this NATURALLY- and they wonder why they are single.)


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  • I have the exact same thing! I suggest ignore him 100%, if that doesn't work go up to if he looks at you pull a mean face like saying "f*** off"/ roll your eyes when he looks at you, go super bitch. Mind you I have done all this to the guy and he just doesn't get the message! I have deleted him on facebook, skype, MSN ect.. after I did that he seemed to get it, until his d*** of a friend said he still had a chance so maybe talk to his other friends about it?

  • Be a bitch to him. just be mean to him whenever he brings up the subject about getting together

    act snobby to him

    talk about other guys in front of him

    tell him you would not go out with him because he's not your type at all and you're not interested

    even if you think that is HARSH, look at it this way, the guy is actually being disrespectful to you by not taking no for an answer. its like he doesn't care that you said no, he's gonna try and keep railroading you until you give into him. doesn't really sound like a nice guy does he? so don't worry about hurting his feelings. with guys like that you gotta be blunttt