What is a crush and what does it mean to have a crush on someone ?

question says it all xD


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  • A crush is like lust.. Its not like love.. Its more like the first stages.

    A crush is a feeling that you get when you find someone rather interesting. You're palms may sweat, heart rate might increase, and you may find yourself thinking about that person a lot.

    A crush can also be like a little fantasy you have about a person.. normally, the person you're crushing on does not know.

    Crush is basically the same as fancying someone.

    Having a crush on someone means that you are interested in getting to know them further, taking things further, making a relationship out of it..

    It's all inside feelings that you get that will tell you what it means.

    A crush can lead to, love, romance, heartbreak and or flings..

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