Interesting questions to ask on a date?

ok. your on a date. and you wanna know things about your date. what are some INTERESTING questions you would ask?

I can be very original with questions . just wanna hear some from other ppl


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  • ''does this rag smell like cloroform to you?''

    • LMAO... damn you!! you made make the dog bark by laughing so hard... lol

      real ladies man lol

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  • If you were any animal what would you be?...:)

    Where is your ideal places to travel?

    what is your favourite colgone?

    lucky number?

    If you could be any movie star who would you be, why?

  • What's the craziest or daring think you've ever done?


    A guy once asked me: What was my worst date like? . It was such a great & funny question! We both laughed so hard after I gave him my response.

    What interesting questions do you ask?

    • If you could live anywhere where would you go and why there?

      where is the wildest place you ever had sex (assuming the convo gets to this point)

      and if it down poured, but no lightning, would you take a shower out side? lol (I did that before, just to say I did it)

  • Name 5 Of You Favorite Songs.

    I always use this as an icebreaker (in any situation)

    It sort of loosens thing up without the "serious questions" mood.


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  • Would you ever take someone else's phone number while on a date?

  • What's something you are afraid of?

    Have you ever taken advantage of a situation?

    What's something you would wish on the human race?

    Have you found a place in the world that is better than where you are now?

  • What is your favorite sound?

    What makes you laugh so hard that you cry?

    What thing that you do gets you excited about life? What makes your eyes light up and sets your soul on fire?

    Whats the most beautiful image, place, thing you have ever seen? Why?

  • 1. What was the very worse date you ever had?

    work the first one, wait on this second one, use only if required to fill time:

    2. , and the best?