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Is it OK to shake a girl's hand when you first meet her?

I'm going to a new high school in 2 days. I have friends there but not female friends. I've met like 20 girl over the summer but I never had a... Show More

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  • i know how you feel. when I was a junior I moved from wisconsin to cali and had to pick up 2nd semester at a new highschool. it was huge shock. but never let girls intimidate you. always approach a girl as if you want to be friends. never come off as if your one of those sleeze balls. girls, like me, want what they can't have. if you come out just acting like you don't care and just wanna make friends, they will be more likely to stick around and get to know you.

    about shaking hands..that is very respectful. some girls would respond to a kiss on the cheek or a hug like wtf is he thinking.

    trust me I know how ya feel. I have been shy with guys and didn't know how to talk to them. but I m in the navy now and I am friends with all guys. it is funny how things have turned out. good luck hun!

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  • ask them a question girls love giving opinions, since your new you can totally get away with "have you ever had this teacher before?" or "who's the best/worst teacher?" or "how is the cafeteria food?" as for the hand shake I think it's cool, others won't, but if that's how you greet everyone just do what you normally do.

  • thats OK I've had guys shake my hand I don't mind it. it comes off respectful

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