Ignores me then texts me again, what do I do?

Been dating a girl I work with for a few weeks, then about a week ago we had a night out with work mates, I got a bit drunk and I think I told her I liked her a bit too much, and she called me needy, since then I noticed her interest level drop off over few days, until last Wed she flat out ignored a text and IM from me...

So since then I just ignored her back, on Friday she IMs me, I just reply with a one sentence reply and ignore her after, Saturday she texts me, I'm polite but take my time texting back, she puts "xxx" on the end I just put "X", Sunday she comments on my facebook statuses.

Basically I think I came across too needy and too into her when I was drunk, she's on vacation for a week now, but I'll see her at work next week.

I guess the fact she's initiated contact last few days is a good sign? I just don't know my next move.

We've had 4/5 dates and had sex a few times, so we were quite close, but all her "I miss your cuddles" texts etc. I haven't had for last week and half.

Just to add she ignored my last request for a date a week ago, didn't say yes/no just no response... I think my drunken behavior might have annoyed her.