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Ignores me then texts me again, what do I do?

Been dating a girl I work with for a few weeks, then about a week ago we had a night out with work mates, I got a bit drunk and I think I told her I... Show More

Just to add she ignored my last request for a date a week ago, didn't say yes/no just no response... I think my drunken behavior might have annoyed her.

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  • Girls are funny. They throw vibes left and right. With her texting, just go with it and hopefully you guys can get together.

    • Thanks, yeah I'm kinda playing a bit aloof, I think she probably thinks I've lost interest a bit but she appears to be contacting me more because of it. I'm not generally into playing games, I was more just acting how she was to me. Reckon I should lay off contact (unless she contacts me) until I see her at work face to face next week?

      The whole "give her time to miss me" kinda thing, I guess if I upset/annoyed her (I did apologize next day by the way) it might give her time to forget.

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    • Yeah that would be bad, I mean the fact she's getting in touch first now and also ending her texts with loads of xxxs might indicate she's missing me? If she wasn't interested why would she bother getting in touch?

      I think I'll just wait til we meet face to face again.

    • Yeah, she might be. Give it some time. Good luck :)

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