Ignores me then texts me again, what do I do?

Been dating a girl I work with for a few weeks, then about a week ago we had a night out with work mates, I got a bit drunk and I think I told her I liked her a bit too much, and she called me needy, since then I noticed her interest level drop off over few days, until last Wed she flat out ignored a text and IM from me...So since then I just ignored her back, on Friday she IMs me, I just reply with a one sentence reply and ignore her after, Saturday she texts me, I'm polite but take my time texting back, she puts "xxx" on the end I just put "X", Sunday she comments on my facebook statuses.Basically I think I came across too needy and too into her when I was drunk, she's on vacation for a week now, but I'll see her at work next week. I guess the fact she's initiated contact last few days is a good sign? I just don't know my next move.We've had 4/5 dates and had sex a few times, so we were quite close, but all her "I miss your cuddles" texts etc. I haven't had for last week and half.

Just to add she ignored my last request for a date a week ago, didn't say yes/no just no response... I think my drunken behavior might have annoyed her.

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  • Girls are funny. They throw vibes left and right. With her texting, just go with it and hopefully you guys can get together.

    • Yeah, she might be. Give it some time. Good luck :)

    • Yeah that would be bad, I mean the fact she's getting in touch first now and also ending her texts with loads of xxxs might indicate she's missing me? If she wasn't interested why would she bother getting in touch?I think I'll just wait til we meet face to face again.

    • Yes, I guess try again the next week. Give it a little time, if her interest doesn't perk up or she doesn't make a move, I'd say move on. I know its tough but then you're faced (if you do get into one) a relationship with a girl who is non-responsive to you. How bad would THAT be?

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