How do I read his mixed signals?

The guy I like has been sending so many mixed signals.. I just don't understand him.. For example the other day he was acting really sweet, telling me he liked me and he missed me and he wanted to hangout when I get home (I was away at camp) So when I get back and I try to make plans he acts completely uninterested.. so I stopped texting him.. because I didn't want to annoy him.. Then later on he texted me once again acting all sweet.. Then yesterday.. the same thing.. He just acts completely uninterested.. But I've realized that he only acts weird if I text him first.. But if he texts me he is really sweet.. I just don't get it.


Most Helpful Guy

  • sounds like you're figuring out his hot/cold it safe and let him stabilize his signals to either he's interested or he's not...this will help you to build a better gut feeling as to where he stands...for now, just drop signals and vibes that show him your intentions