Why do some girls like it when guys cry? It turns me off.

Some girls think it's "sensitive" when a guy cries, I find it a turn off. Don't call me sexist, but girls just naturally cry more then boys. I mean, if he lost someone, like a friend, or family member, even his dog, I'd understand completely. But really, when you cry, your losing points in my book. Sorry, but anyone else feel this way?


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  • I think the idea is that it's supposed to show that deep down, he actually does have feelings and that he isn't just a mass of muscles and a d***. Some guys cry more than others. I personally haven't cried in over 8 years. By this point, it's not even that I have to force myself to not cry, it's just that I don't ever get the feeling to do so.

    I'd agree with Alex_Prower. I think it's okay if it's over something legitimate, like the death of a family member. If you're crying because you ripped your favorite shirt or someone punched you in the arm, then you need to learn to control yourself. That applies to girls, too.


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  • The last time I cried was when my 7 year old cat disappeared 4 months ago and I thought of her corpse rotting in some ditch somewhere. I still don't know what happened to her and I doubt I'll see her again.

    Sorry, just had to get that out of my system.

    I agree that crying should never be a turn on. It should only be a turn off in situations that don't fit... like getting a flat tire, or breaking a nail.

    • Sorry bout your cat. Hope it comes meowing on your porch one day :)

  • i don't cry over anything small. its really not that big a deal if my fries get burnt. so I don't see the appeal in it either? I'm glad you don't go for the emo guys. :)

  • I cry a lot but I'm full of Estrogen, LOOL. For me its not really a turnon or turnoff when a lad cries, I don't think about that. I just worry, really.

  • Agreed. I haven't cried since I was 12 or 13 although admittedly I came really close about a year ago.

    • Wow your a real maucho man aren't you. LOl ;)

    • Lol. Not really. I'm actually a real pansy. I just have a pragmatic and relaxed nature.

    • Ahh, I see.

  • your hella fine

    • Wow, thanks for that great answer.

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    • LOL anon answerer, you're awesome. You trolled this bitch like none other.

    • Dude I'm so lost what do you mean "i trolled this bitch" and thanks alex I think I get it know and if your cat never came back I know what happend to it <333333333333333

      some1 probably picked it up thought it was cute kept it.......

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  • it depends what he is crying about. I like strong tough guys so I wouldn't want a guy who cried over bullsh*t but if he cried over something important like the reasons you listed, I would feel that he is in touch with his emotions and felt comfortable enough with me to cry around so it would kind of be a plus in my book. I haven't run into too many guys that cry over bullsh*t reasons though