Why do some girls like it when guys cry? It turns me off.

Some girls think it's "sensitive" when a guy cries, I find it a turn off. Don't call me sexist, but girls just naturally cry more then boys. I mean, if he lost someone, like a friend, or family member, even his dog, I'd understand completely. But really, when you cry, your losing points in my book. Sorry, but anyone else feel this way?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I think the idea is that it's supposed to show that deep down, he actually does have feelings and that he isn't just a mass of muscles and a d***. Some guys cry more than others. I personally haven't cried in over 8 years. By this point, it's not even that I have to force myself to not cry, it's just that I don't ever get the feeling to do so.

    I'd agree with Alex_Prower. I think it's okay if it's over something legitimate, like the death of a family member. If you're crying because you ripped your favorite shirt or someone punched you in the arm, then you need to learn to control yourself. That applies to girls, too.