What To Do when you Hit a Car in the Parking Lot?

What should you do when you were trying to park your car and you ACCIDENTALLY hit the car next to you and made a dent on the door on the driver's side.Considering there were witnesses that might know the owner. What would be the proper way of handling it?

A.) wait for a considerable amount of time for the owner of the car to come and find out and talk it out.

B.) If the the car owner did not show up while waiting, leave a note (my opinion for this would be high likely unprofessional)

C.) go around and ask who the owner was

D.) leave, get out. Although there were witnesses, the owner was not there so there is nothing to do but just to wait until someone approached to you and then deal with it.

E.) None of the above (tell your own experience or opinion or advice)


Most Helpful Girl

  • Leave your name and your number. Tell them what happened and that your truly sorry for the accident. They might not even be worried about it, just the fact that you where so honest about it. One time a guy left a dent in my car,left a note with his contact info, I didn't even notice it but he was honest about it and I wasnt even worried. On the flip side I was hit and there was no damage but the fact that he saw that he hit me, looked at me, then went away, obviously he didn't care took his license plate number called the cops. Just be honest about it. things work out in the end.

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      Oh m y god I felt so bad now because I was so scared and did not know what to do.. but I wanted to come clean and be honest because I felt terribly guilty leaving it like that.. I WAS gonna leave a note BUT a couple of people I talked to said that I should NOT.. I took the advice eventhough I already wrote a long note just saying how sorry I was and how bad I felt...trust me gurl I felt so bad leaving it like that.. I mean I could only imagine what if it happens to my own car?

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      Hey your heart was in the right place, don't feel bad. you where just scared. next time that instance happens, now you just have another option.

      God bless =)