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Giving space... a good idea?

Me and my ex boyfriend broke up 2 weeks ago. He broke up with me due to various arguments we'd had. (There was only a couple but he is quite... Show More

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  • Just give it a bit more time. A few days without contact is nothing. Give it a few weeks and you two should really know whether it is worth giving it another go. I've had no contact with my ex in 30 days and I was going to ring her today to see if she just wanted to meet up as friends for lunch or something. in all realness its been about 6 weeks but she texted me to say thank you for some stuff I droped of about 5 weeks ago so I count that as the say from no contact.The point is neither of you will get over the feelings your having after only a few days of no contact.Your both still hurt, don't know what you want and if you got back together today nothing would be solved :)

    • Do you think it's worth me waiting, from a guy's point of view? Of course I want to wait, because I want my ex back. But it hurts me to think I'm going to get rejected again.I think the reason why I'm so cautious is because a guy I dated last year ended things by saying "he just wanted to think about it" and he "wasn't sure how he felt" Is this just a more gentle way to end things?

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    • Back at any time. Yes its going to be hard but you need to do it. just trust me that keeping in contact won't help either of you while you still have hard feeling :)

    • Thank you :) Good luck with your ex girlfriend, I hope it works out.I'll keep you updated on my situation.

  • sounds like he's being over dramatic and looking for attention. Tell him to grow a pair.

    • Quite a few friends have said he just wants the attention. But if he was looking for attention, would he really go through with breaking up with me, though? ....and leaving it this long? I know it's only two weeks but it feels like longer.

    • Well yeah, he's looking for sympathy. He wants people to feel sorry for him. Best thing you can do is ignore him, and get your friends to ignore his drama. Then he will be back in no time. What a pansy.

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