Girls give out their number to boys they don't actually like?

Why do girls give me their number, and when I call they suddenly do not seem interested at all?

I will get their number, and then call and they will never be available, and not want to go out. In many cases they already have a boyfriend. Am I doing something wrong or do woman just like to reject guys to make themselves feel better?

just to add, now I am up to about 7 girls I have met in the last month, that gave out their number, and now apologize and say they have boyfriends and want to be my friend. It is getting very ridiculous now!


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  • a lot of times it's much easier to reject a guy on the phone/text than in person. It's really awkward when a guy asks for your number and you say no, it makes any further conversation stop, and generally makes the situation weird.

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      Why can't a girl just give away a fake number?

      Also, is it possible the girl was just overwhelmed by my good looks and charm and gave me her number without realizing what she was doing?


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      Hahaha, totally, sir