Is he into me? or is he just playing with me?

Alright, so I met this guy. and we've been talking a lot and I've spent the past 2 nights with him but we didn't do anything except make out because I don't want to go too fast. and he says he had a great time with me. I asked him that if we do end up doing more stuff then is he just going to stop talking to me? and he said no, why would I stop talking to someone that I like. and I left for the weekend to go home. he said he was going to miss me. I texted him tonight at 7 and he didn't text me back at all. I have a feeling that he is with another girl. and I don't want to invest myself in something that I'm just going to get hurt. but I already like I'm not sure if he is actually into and maybe would want something more, or if he is just looking for some action.